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11 042 Ball-shaped polishing hammer

11 042 Ball-shaped polishing hammer

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High-quality ANTILOPE polishing hammer with spherical shape and flat track. Both sides are polished smooth, ideal for driving, hardening and structuring metal surfaces.

The handle is made of fine hardwood. 

Item number 30g: +11 042 030
Overall length: 205mm
Total weight: approx. 50g

Hammer head: L=50mm, D=10mm

Item number 60g: +11 042 060
Overall length: 225mm
Total weight: approx. 90g

Hammer head: L=60mm, D=14mm

Item number 110g: +11 042 110
Overall length: 270mm
Total weight: approx. 160g

Hammer head: L=75mm, D=16mm


Unit of measure: portions