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About Us

World market leader for metal and wood jigsaws

NIQUA® has been your manufacturer of precision jigsaw blades for the goldsmith and wood industry since 1897.


We supply importers, wholesalers, laboratories and manufacturers in the jewelry and wood art processing industry worldwide with our extensive range of brands of high-quality tools and accessories.

As a traditional family company of the 5th generation, innovation and personal customer service are our top priorities: Over 120 years of know-how combined with our team of experienced and committed employees guarantee you the highest quality and genuine product innovations at all times.



When NIQUA was founded® In 1897, the focus of the fretwork “Made in Germany” on offer was still on saws for the wood processing industry. Thanks to industrialization and the associated innovative developments in jigsaw production, it was NIQUA® now it is possible to manufacture ever finer saw blades up to dimensions of 0,16mm x 0,32mm, which from then on found their sales in the jewelery and goldsmith industry worldwide. 

Today the name is NIQUA® represented in 141 countries with top brands for jewelry and goldsmith supplies and has established itself at the top of the world market for jewelry tools. The former range of fretsaw blades extends from jewelry saws to jewelry cutters, grain irons, saw bows, files, pliers and engraving tools through to brushes, polishers and polishing pastes - and continues to grow.



Saw production already had a long tradition in Beltheim when Johann Peter Nick ventured into self-employment in 1897. At that time they were at NIQUA® already exported to North America.

By continuously striving for perfection, NIQUA® today developed into the world market leader in the field of fretsaws for the goldsmith and for the woodworking industry. In over 141 countries, thousands of customers have trusted the uniquely perfect quality of our fretsaws with their well-known brands for many decades.


NIQUA®: Jigsaw and tool factory since 1897.

As Johann Peter NIck himself the WEDlity committed.

In 1897 Johann Peter Nick founded NIQUA® GmbH. A word creation from NICK and QUALITY. Then as now, in the 5th generation of the family business, the name says it all.

NIQUA® Back then: Mastered economic crises with constant quality and good management.

First and Second World War, Great Depression, Financial Crisis. For over a hundred years, NIQUA® experienced a lot and grew with the challenges. In 1991 we were able to offer our former competitor PULGER, BONFIGT & CO. take over and expand our success in the production of fretsaws and tools for jewelers and goldsmiths.

NIQUA® today: world market leader for fretsaws for metal, supplier of high quality goldsmith tools.

In addition to fretsaw blades for wood and metal, NIQUA® now offers a wide range of goldsmith tools / jewelry tools. The strictest quality controls guarantee our customers a consistently high quality standard for every single item in our wide range of products.

NIQUA® tomorrow: Still the reliable partner for jewelers and goldsmiths.

Motivated by the entrepreneurial spirit of its ancestors, the 5th generation has set itself the goal of further developing the traditional family business by expanding in-house production and the trading program. Always under the premise of meeting the highest demands of our customers.

Company building around 1934 Company building around 1934

Exhibition stand Cologne Hardware Fair around 1971
Kindergarten group with supervisors visiting 1945
Company outing 1955